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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Weapons used in Indian Army will be made in India: Rajnath Singh.

weapons produced in India


1-Weapons used in Indian Army should be manufactured in India
2- For the security of India it is necessary to develop our defence capacity or capability in India.

India has very clearly given message to U.S, Russia, France and many of India’s partner countries that military platforms and weapons required by the Indian armed forces to confront numerous security challenges have to be manufactured on Indian soil itself.
China and Pakistan have to think thousand times before planning any thing on border. This is new India. Indians are now capable enough to develop its armed weapons on Indian soil itself.
“Our Government aim is not to attack anyone, but prepare our army with our own weapons made in India to be ready at all times to give a betting reply to countries enemies”.
He said most of the countries have friendly relationship with our country and a message has conveyed to U.S, Russia and France and many others that India wants to manufacture the defense equipment’s which are used by army on Indian soil as ” National Security is our top priority “.
Keeping in mind the security of India he told that we have talked with every friendly country that we want to produce military platforms, weapons and ammunition in India itself.
He said the message to the countries producing military equipment has been given to say ” Come make in India, come make for India and come make for world”.
We will maintain friendship relationship with all the countries but at the same time we are clear in our decision that whatever military equipment, weapons and ammunition are needed by us have to be produced in India,”the defense minister said.

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