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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Far-right French Presidential candidate attacked at the rally

Eric Zemmour was grabbed by the neck while making his way to the stage, through a sea of supporters.

  • Eric Zemmour suffers a wrist injury and is advised 9 days rest, as a citizen grabbed him by the neck in a rally.
  • Eric Zemmour to challenge Le Pen to be the challenger to Emmanuel Macron in next year’s election.
  • 10,000 people turned up at Zemmour’s rally, some of who were demonstrating against him.
Eric Zemmour speaks at a campaign rally, December 2021
Far-right candidate names his party “Reconquest” in a bid to overpower Macron as France’s President.

French presidential far-right candidate, Eric Zemmour has been attacked at his first campaign rally.

As the 63-year-old moved thru the gang to the stage, a person, in short, grabbed him via way of means of the neck earlier than safety officials intervened.

His wrist become injured and medical doctors have ordered 9 days of rest, media reports revealed.

The former journalist-pundit is thought of for his debatable perspectives on migrants and World War Two.

In the past, the kid of Jewish Algerian immigrants has claimed the French state-blanketed Jews throughout the conflict, whilst in fact, the collaborationist Vichy regime shipped hundreds of French Jews to Nazi death camps.

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On Tuesday, Mr. Zemmour introduced his candidacy withinside the 2022 French presidential election. Far-right figurehead Marine Le Pen is being challenged by Zemmour for leading France’s nationalist hard right.
The incident wherein Mr. Zemmour become attacked become one every of numerous violent clashes throughout the event, held at a conference middle northeast of the capital Paris on Sunday night.

Some 10,000 humans reportedly became up for the rally. Police arrested dozens outside the event, with thousands of demonstrators in opposition to the far-right candidate, marching through the city.

Mr. Zemmour arrived at around 17:30 (16:30) neighborhood time and become attacked as he made his manner thru the crowds. Police quickly eliminated the individual.

A spokesman for his newly-introduced celebration advised Le Figaro newspaper that they had been making plans to report a criminal complaint, and praised Mr. Zemmour’s “courage”.
The candidate proceeded to supply his speech after the incident. As he began, his supporters threw chairs at demonstrators who stood up carrying T-shirts bearing anti-racism slogans.

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