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Facebook sued for $150 billion by the Rohingya Muslims

Accusing Facebook of failing to control hate speech on its platform, dozens of Rohingyas sued the social media giant.

  • Army crackdown in Myanmar has witnessed the death of 10,000 Rohingya Muslims.
  • Hate speech against Rohingya Muslims led them to sue Facebook for $150 billion.
  • Facebook conceded that they failed to delete accounts spreading hate against Rohingyas.
Protest against Facebook in Jakarta
Demonstrators tell Facebook to pay $150 billion as compensation to the Rohingyas Muslims.

Facebook is accused of permitting hate speech towards Rohingyas to spread, by them in the US and UK.

They are annoying greater than $150bn in compensation, claiming Facebook’s systems promoted violence towards the persecuted minority.

Buddhist-majority Myanmar in 2017 envisioned 10,000 Rohingya Muslims had been killed for the duration of an army crackdown.
Facebook, now known as Meta, did now no longer right away reply to the allegations.

The agency is accused of permitting the dissemination of hateful and threatening incorrect information to preserve for years.

In the UK, a British regulation company has written a letter to Facebook, representing the refugees, alleging:
Facebook’s algorithms amplified hate speech towards the Rohingya humans.
The company “didn’t invest” in moderators and fact-checkers who knew approximately the political state of affairs in Myanmar.
The agency didn’t take down posts or delete accounts that incited violence towards Rohingya.
It didn’t take suitable and well-timed movement notwithstanding warnings from charities and the media.

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In the US, attorneys filed a criminal grievance towards Facebook in San Francisco, accusing it of being inclined to alternate the lives of the Rohingya humans for higher marketplace penetration in a small nation in Southeast Asia.

They cite Facebook posts that seemed in research via way of means of the Reuters information agency, along with one in 2013 mentioning that they have to combat them the manner Hitler did the Jews.

Another publish stated that gasoline has to be poured and that they must be set on hearthplace so that you can meet Allah faster.

Over 20 million people in Myanmar use Facebook. For many, the social media site is their primary or simplest manner of having and sharing information.

To prevent the incitement of violence and hate speech towards the Rohingya, Facebook admitted in 2018 that it had now no longer accomplished sufficient.

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