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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Slaying On The Field And Competing As A Top Egyptian Equestrian, Haya Mostafa Creates Her Own Special Niche In Horse Riding

Haya is also a top show jumper and a multiple-time winner of varied competitions in the competitive sport.

What really makes ordinary people turn extraordinary success stories or brands into highly successful names in their industries depends on a lot of factors. A few say that basic traits like honesty and passion help, while others say that the hunger of people to create unique success for themselves needs unique efforts as well. However, they explain that, in any case, people need to fight tooth and nail first to survive and then thrive in their industries because most industries today offer massive competition and an influx of too many talented beings. Amidst all this, in the competitive sport of horse riding, Haya Mostafa tried to make her name count as an equestrian and even succeeded in many ways by winning several competitions.

Her passion for horse riding and show jumping can be known by the fact that she had won $4000 in her first show jumping and since then has never looked back. She has won 1st place 8 times in her home country, participated in the Show Jumping Cup in Germany, and qualified for numerous international and local shows. The 1999-born is a self-made success story, who as a child at four had started horse riding, but at that point in her life had no inch of an idea that she could become this successful in her journey, becoming a source of inspiration for women wanting to make their careers as show jumpers and equestrians.

After gaining so much love, admiration, and success as an Egyptian equestrian, Haya Mostafa now aims to go beyond that and reach people even in Africa, the Middle East, and the US. She also wants to reach ace Egyptian equestrians and Egyptian Olympic show jumpers like Nayel Nassar. She hopes to collaborate with such top players in the field to further push forward growth in the competitive sport while also creating opportunities for many other aspiring talents.

Right now, Haya Mostafa (@haya) wants to concentrate on starting her own horse stable and also work toward becoming a professional coach for others.

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