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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Matthew Rodriguez ‘Tapwater’ is the Most Talked About YouTube Creator Amongst Youngsters

Known for its engaging plots which keep the viewers glued on to their screens, it has gained tremendous prominence around the digital sphere.

Matthew is more popularly known as Tapwater or Tap as his fans love to call him. Reaching from nowhere to a known YouTuber was indeed a big accomplishment for this young lad who dreamt nothing but conquering the digital space since he was 10. He recalls coming home from school and watch his favorite YouTuber which helped in lifting his spirits, and push him into a happy zone. He aspired to be just like his favorite YouTuber for someone else and was hell-bent on achieving his dreams right through his early years. The passion to give this career his all had him leave school midway so that he could focus on his goals to make it big. The credit goes to some of the popular gaming video creators like Faze Clan and RiceGum, who inspired him to dwell deep into this zone and emerge as a fine content creator.

The journey though was not easy as he had to face major challenges initially as balancing school life while simultaneously creating content was a bit exhausting, but he strode through the rough weather somehow and managed to figure it out, eventually quitting his studies to focus on his YouTube career. He tasted success when his first video hit 1 million views, which encouraged him to work seriously on his content which revolved around a distinctive style of storytelling. A few months down the line, his subscriber base touched 100,000, which was a big achievement for this young man.

“I strongly believe that a creator should have a positive mindset as many a time your work might not get the desired appreciation which should not demotivate you. Don’t just give up and keep trying till you achieve the best results,” says Tapwater as a matter of fact.

To keep the audience’s interest intact, you have to create relevant and unique content. It’s a tough job getting a new idea every day, but that’s the recipe for success and sets a successful YouTuber from an average one. Tapwater says he draws inspiration from other creators or just brainstorming with friends and also while playing the game, which culminates a lot of ideas randomly in his mind. He also advices to stay afloat on a regular basis as staying away for a long time can result in disaster and viewers will find a replacement to keep themselves engaged, losing focus on your channel.

To watch his videos, subscribe to his channel on YouTube. You can also follow his Instagram to know more about his latest work.

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