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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

This month, Saskatchewan’s Premier hopes to lift all COVID restrictions

The Saskatchewan Premier intends to lift all COVID restrictions this month

Key takeaways:

  • Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced on January 31 that proof of vaccination would no longer be required by February 28.
  • As of Monday, the Saskatchewan government reported 363 COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the province.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe declared on January 31 that by February 28, his province would no longer require proof of vaccination.

Saskatchewanians have had to show proof of receiving two vaccine doses or a negative COVID-19 test to enter bars, restaurants, theatres, and other businesses since October 2021.

After addressing citizens’ “desire for a return to normal,” Moe shared a portion of his press conference on Twitter on Monday evening.

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The Premier also cited a recent Angus Reid poll in which citizens from across the country were questioned if they agreed with the following report: “it’s time to end restrictions and allow people to self-isolate if they’re in danger.”

According to the findings, 62 percent of residents in Saskatchewan, the highest of any province, agreed that restrictions should be lifted. “On both sides of this problem, there are powerful opinions, but neither side is a small, fringe minority’ with ‘unacceptable views,'” Moe tweeted.

The Saskatchewan Premier intends to lift all COVID restrictions this month
The Saskatchewan Premier intends to lift all COVID restrictions this month. Image from CBC News

According to the same poll, 54% of Canadians believe it is time to lift restrictions.

As of Monday, the Government of Saskatchewan reported 363 hospitalized COVID-19 patients across the province.

Last week, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said he is “hopeful” and “confident” that the province’s version of a vaccine passport program will be phased out by the end of March.

“I said back in early September when we brought in the proof of vaccination program that I didn’t see it lasting past the first quarter of 2022. Kenney stated, “That would be the end of March.”

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