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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Sask Party’s talks for provincial autonomy are targeted by the NDP leader

The NDP leader takes aim at the Saskatchewan Party's provincial autonomy meetings.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Saskatchewan Party government’s upcoming talks on provincial autonomy will cause strife and weaken the party’s base of support.

According to NDP leader Carla Beck, the provincial autonomy meetings scheduled by the Saskatchewan Party government will sow discord and damage the party’s support base.

She claimed that “they are catering to a smaller and smaller portion of the public.” “Instead of demonstrating leadership, bridging those gaps, and dispelling fear, they are feeding it.”

“But I don’t see results for all of the swipes as well as nastiness on social media; we don’t see results,” adds Beck about the federal government’s failure to address some residents’ complaints.

Meetings are only open by invitation from the riding’s MLA. According to James Parker, senior communications adviser for the executive council and Office of the Premier, the MLA extends invitations to individuals they believe to be interested in the topic of provincial autonomy.

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According to Parker, ranchers, farmers, local government, and business leaders may be on the invite list.

The sessions are planned and funded by the government’s caucus office.

In a public town hall earlier this month, Premier Scott Moe stated that his administration seeks a comparable immigration arrangement to the one between Canada and Quebec.

He added that Quebec has many unique factors when it comes to how they distribute the numbers and which trades are given priority for immigration. “Many other provinces would like to have an equal say in how many people we admit.”

Howard Leeson, a professor of political science at the University of Regina, calls the relationship among the federal and Saskatchewan governments “very terrible.”

The NDP leader takes aim at the Saskatchewan Party's provincial autonomy meetings.
The NDP leader takes aim at the Saskatchewan Party’s provincial autonomy meetings. Image from CBC News

According to him, the majority of what the premier says “seems to be highly harsh on a small number of things.”

According to Leeson, there is no acclaim when the two governments work well together.

“The provincial administration has not said anything about that,”

Regarding the talks for provincial autonomy, the province denied a request for an interview.

According to Leeson, the administration is attempting to determine whether it should move forward with such an initiative “without having to worry over whether or not the mass is opposed to it.”

Source: CTV News

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