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Thursday, December 7, 2023

The privacy commissioner for Saskatchewan asks for an optional digital ID

Calls for optional digital ID from Saskatchewan's privacy commissioner

Key Takeaways:

  • As more governments throughout Canada begin introducing digital identification, Ronald J. Kruzeniski is proposing the adoption of an optional digital ID once more (Digital ID).
  • The Saskatchewan government announced in March that it would put off its plans to develop a digital ID while it watched other national programs go into effect.

Ronald J. Kruzeniski, the privacy commissioner for Saskatchewan, is urging the use of an optional digital ID once more as more jurisdictions across Canada start implementing digital identification (Digital ID).

On Tuesday, Kruzeniski published the annual report of his office, in which they expressed their desire for Saskatchewan to adopt the digital ID.

Kruzeniski added, “So many of us residents of Saskatchewan are accustomed to getting services online. “The service providers must be certain that you are who you claim to be when you identify yourself. That is what is typically meant by a “digital ID.”

A digital ID helps you prove your identity online and functions like an electronic driver’s license.

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“Digital ID would be a practical and simple identifying method made with the security and encryption we require to conduct transactions and use services securely online,” said Kruzeniski.

The ID can be used as a physical or electronic card in your digital wallet, according to Kruzeniski.

Although the ID would be optional, there are various possible uses for it:

  • Make age-appropriate purchases (like a lottery ticket).
  • A parcel at the post office for pickup.
  • Enlist the aid of the state (such as disability support or EI).
  • Create a company.
  • Obtain a license for fishing or hunting.
  • Reserve a spot in a state park.
  • Register for a SaskPower or SaskEnergy account.
  • Visit SaskTel to get services.
  • Acquire services from local governments, post-secondary colleges, and other organizations.
  • Apply to get a personal loan or open a bank account.
  • Submit an insurance claim.
  • License to be renewed or replaced.
  • Sign a contract online.
  • Enlist in the federal service or apply for a passport.
Calls for optional digital ID from Saskatchewan's privacy commissioner
Calls for optional digital ID from Saskatchewan’s privacy commissioner. Image from LifeSite

The Saskatchewan government said in March that it was delaying its plans to create a digital ID to observe the implementation of other national initiatives.

According to Kruzeniski, the province must implement a digital ID for individuals in need as more services shift online and there is a rise in online health care that can treat the epidemic.

I would expect that the Saskatchewan government will keep its residents in the loop and explain the advantages of a digital ID, he said. “I’m hoping Saskatchewan creates a digital ID that satisfies the requirements of our jurisdiction, optimizes the advantages, and reduces the hazards.”

Ontario and Quebec are working on producing digital IDs, whereas Alberta and British Columbia already have them.

Source: Global news

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