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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Xi warns Biden to not play with fire on the Taiwan issue

The two leaders Xi Jinping and Joe Biden’s virtual meeting covered various topics including climate change.

  • Xi Jinping greets Joe Biden as an old friend.
  • Joe Biden – Xi Jinping’s digital meet lasts over 3.5 hours.
  • Joe Biden said that Xi Jinping and he share an honest relationship[ and strive to work together to fight off the pandemic and climate change.
Chinese President Xi Jinping and American President Joe Biden had a healthy debate over the issue of Taiwan and promised to work together against climate change, in a virtual meeting.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has used a digital summit with US counterpart Joe Biden to warn that encouraging Taiwanese independence could be “playing with fire”.

The talks are the maximum substantial since Mr. Biden took the workplace in January.

Both aspects emphasized the 2 men’s private relationship and the summit turned into an attempt to ease tensions.

But they couldn’t break out one of the maximum touchy topics: the self-ruled island of Taiwan.

Taiwan is seen as a breakaway province by the Chinese, who want it to be reunified with the mainland one day.

The US has pledged to assist Taiwan to guard itself withinside the occasion of an attack, despite having formal ties with China.
China’s state-run Global Times stated Mr. Xi blamed current tensions on repeated tries via way of means of the Taiwan government to search for US help for his or her independence agenda in addition to the goal of a few Americans to use Taiwan to contain China

Despite the sturdy phrases on Taiwan, the assembly commenced with each leader greeting every other warmly, with Mr. Xi pronouncing he became glad to look his “old friend” Mr. Biden.

Mr. Biden stated the 2 had a sincere relationship and they might by no means stroll away thinking what the opposite guy is thinking”.

Climate change turned into additionally discussed. Last week the 2 sprung a marvel with the aid of using issuing a joint statement to cope with weather alternate, at talks in Glasgow, Scotland.

This turned into the third time the 2 leaders have spoken considering Mr. Biden’s inauguration in January. The talks lasted three-and-a-1/2 hours, longer than expected.

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