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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Toronto park beating leaves teen twins traumatized

A beating to both the twin teens of a family has affected the family profoundly, police have urged citizens to be vigilant.

  • Two weeks ago, a group of 5 teenagers assaulted 2 twin teens in the Trinity Bellwoods Park place.
  • One of the victim twins tried to put a weapon in his backpack fearing another attack.
  • Police advise citizens to not travel alone in the area, calling them to be extra-vigilant.

For the last 2 weeks, Tammy Isbell’s twin teenage boys were afraid to exit the house, even if accompanied. When the Annex family went pumpkin picking, one of the boys desired to position a weapon in his backpack in case a person jumped him from behind. The other informed his mother and father he turned into afraid to head due to the fact he “can’t take some other beating.”
Isbell stated that kids are commonly resilient however the incident has been traumatizing, What took place to her sons was unacceptable and awful, and has had a profound effect on the whole family.
She’s regarding an incident almost 2 weeks in the past while police say a collection of 5 teenage boys assaulted 2 teenage boys withinside the Trinity Bellwoods Park place around 9:30 on a Friday night time. Police say the suspects, believed to be among 15 and 17 years old, additionally stole a couple of footwear and left the sufferers with cuts and bruises earlier than they fled.

Police additionally stated some other attack and theft incident occurred that identical Halloween weekend at Christie Pits around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, with a collection of 5 to 6 teenage boys assaulting teenage boys and stealing their jackets earlier than fleeing the scene.

Police say there may be no recognized connection among the 2 incidents, however, add that groups of younger humans were assembling in parks over the last couple of months, ensuing in attacks and robberies.
On exclusive weekends in advance in October, police laid charges and recovered stolen belongings on the subject of robberies that occurred in Christie Pits Park. While the incidents have been separate, Osborne stated the 2 agencies of perpetrators “seem related.”

Police warn the general public to be “more vigilant” while visiting at night time thru parks or on public transit. “If possible, tour with a pal and be privy to your surroundings,” police stated in an information release.

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