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Stranded animal rescue van, saved by Sask. town residents

Saskatchewan town residents helped a Manitoba animal rescue van that was stranded during a winter storm this week.

  • Animal rescue van carrying 75 cats and dogs to British Columbia got stranded in a winter storm in Moosomin.
  • Parts of the Trans-Canada highway in Saskatchewan and Manitoba have been shut due to heavy rains, snowfall.
  • Animal rescue van was helped by residents of Moosomin, animals were shifted to a local vet clinic.
Sask. town lends a helping paw after Manitoba animal rescue's van stranded  during winter storm | CBC News - Widelyvision
Residents of Moosomin helped animals trapped in a rescue van, and treated them in a local vet clinic.

A Manitoba animal rescue corporation is grateful for the assistance of citizens in a Saskatchewan city after the rescue van was given stranded in a blizzard this week.

K9 Advocates Manitoba becomes transported seventy-five cats and dogs, en path to British Columbia, while an iciness typhoon Thursday left them stranded in Moosomin, Sask., simply over the Manitoba border and approximately two hundred kilometers east of Regina at the Trans-Canada Highway.

Parts of the Trans-Canada motorway in Manitoba and Saskatchewan have been closed Thursday and into Friday as a unload of snow and heavy winds made riding treacherous throughout the southern Prairies.

Individuals labored the telephones and Facebook into Thursday evening, searching out an area to hold the animals in Moosomin heat for the night, as stated by Kork.

Residents of the city and the nearby vet health center fast stepped as much as assist contends with the animals all night.

Chelsea Kork, one of the rescue business enterprise’s administrators stated that the city of Moosomin got here out — saved them in a vet health center overnight, walked them, fed them, modified cat muddle boxes.
The other K9 Advocates Manitoba along with Kork stated that they can’t thank the citizens of Moosomin sufficient for their assistance.

The animals were headed to British Columbia stated Kork
The animals have been back to Winnipeg on Friday.

Kork stated they have got been positioned in foster houses for now, and the organization planned to strive for any other journey to British Columbia after the climate improved.

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