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Saskatoon father-daughter stranded in B.C. floods, now safe

Due to the devastating floods in British Columbia which led to the closure of the highways, a father and daughter hailing from Saskatoon have been stranded.

  • Saskatoon woman accounts her survival story in the massive floods of British Columbia.
  • Saskatoon father-daughter return to Victoria after being in severe flooding in B.C.
  • Lisa Haatvedt says that such calamities reinstall the fact that how fickle the road connectivity is in Canada.
Mudslides and heavy flooding stranded the father-daughter duo who were traveling from Victoria to Saskatoon.

After devastating flooding and mudslides that closed roads and led British Columbia to announce an emergency, a Saskatoon lady and her father have been compelled to return to Victoria, while traveling to Saskatoon.

Lisa Haatvedt failed to plan to tour at night, and stated the street situations in the dark have been “terrifying.”

She journeyed to Hope, B.C., on Nov. 14 — on her way again to Saskatoon, she checked avenue situations and became conscious since there were troubles at the Trans-Canada Highway. However, she stated there wasn’t a very good indication of the severity.

She wasn’t seeking to brave the situations, she simply desired to be back home. The caution they acquired was that avenue situations were dynamic and was necessary to keep away from the challenging journey — however, she took into consideration getting back home.

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In the dark, what Haatvedt thought of as a tree, was a deep and lengthy pool of water at the highway — with floating debris. Another tourist stated that the roads were open, however with a whole lot of pooling. Haatvedt endured onward. Her father, Roger, drove his truck, while Lisa navigated for him. Haatvedt stated she prayed that they could make it to Mission. Abbotsford was devastated because of the floods. It was much less than a 30-minute drive south of Mission, Haatvedt however, made it to her motel and after that returned to Victoria, wherein she stayed with family.

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