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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Saskatoon care homes loosen visitor restrictions, as COVID cases drop

Following a fall in the number of Coronavirus this past week, 16 care homes in Saskatoon will be loosening some restrictions.

  • Saskatoon care homes that will abide by the COVID norms will be removed from the level 1 pandemic stage.
  • All crucial supporting family members, visitors are to be allowed in Saskatoon care homes, Monday onwards.
  • Total coronavirus count in cares homes across Saskatchewan is 694 cases and 123 deaths.
Connecting in Care Homes through Covid | Campaign to End Loneliness
Visitors to be allowed in 16 Saskatoon long-term care homes citing a drop in the number of COVID outbreaks.

Fewer cases in Saskatoon and fewer outbreaks in long-time period care centers have opened the doorways for a few care houses, to allow more visitors.

Last Monday, all Saskatchewan Health Authority-run long-time period care houses and associates in Saskatoon have been below stage one pandemic regulations, which restricted the variety of visitors to 2 own circles of relatives or help people — and only one at a time.

A few care houses will drop those limits and confide in all crucial own circle of relatives, help persons, or visitors, beginning Monday at 8 a.m. It additionally cuts the restriction on what number of humans may be present at one time, so long as they’re all masked and vaccinated, or have evidence of a negative COVID-19 test.

A spokesperson for the Saskatchewan Health Authority did now no longer list which houses could be protected withinside the shift however stated households could get the data without delay or can contact the precise home.

For the ones in long-time period care, there are no limits on the number of humans capable of going to a resident, or what number of maybe withinside the room. Patients in acute care nonetheless require no greater than 2 people at a time indoors, and there are no regulations outdoors.

In-person visits can nonetheless be restricted to scheduling made via way of means of the house and large groups will want to schedule using common regions in advance.

There have been 3 COVID-19 outbreaks in congregate dwelling settings in Saskatchewan, as of Friday. Not a single one of them is from Saskatoon.

According to the National Institute on Ageing at Ryerson University in Toronto, which has been monitoring the virus in care houses throughout the country, stated that since the beginning of the pandemic, 694 cases and 123 deaths have been recorded in 164 long term care homes in the province of Saskatchewan.

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