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Saturday, September 23, 2023

8 women’s charges against Peter Nygard to be dropped

The 8 women who accused Peter Nygard of sexually assaulting them, say the dropping of the charges is like a slap in the face.

  • Apparel manufacturer Peter Nygard, who was accused of assaulting 8 Winnipeg women, won’t be facing the charges.
  • Police stated that they dropped charges of sexual attack against Peter Nygard after 10 months of investigation.
  • Peter Nygard has been in custody and faces 2 charges of sex trafficking in New York City.
Peter Nygard: Fashion mogul to be extradited to US - BBC News
Fashion mogul Peter Nygard is off the hook after a court dropped charges of sexual assault on 8 women in Winnipeg.

The Fifth Estate has learned that disgraced apparel producer Peter Nygard will now no longer face charges in his native land of Winnipeg, after 10-month police research into allegations of sexual attack from 8 girls.

In addition, research via way of means of The Fifth Estate exhibits a sample of Nygard warding off prosecution following allegations of rape said to Winnipeg police over numerous decades.

Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth stated in an assertion that their latest research concerning operating 15 files, interviewing 29 witnesses, along with survivors, and compiling greater than 1, six hundred documents.

In the end, 8 instances have been submitted to Manitoba’s Justice Ministry for consideration. According to Smyth, prosecutors determined now no longer to put charges in all the instances.

Nadine Moostoos stated that it changed into like a slap withinside the face, one of the girls whose case changed into these days mentioned Manitoba’s Justice Ministry for crook charges.

In 1993, she claimed that Nygard picked her up and sexually assaulted her, she was 14 at the time.

Previously the pinnacle of a multimillion-dollar apparel empire primarily based totally in Winnipeg – Nygard, is in custody in Toronto wherein he faces six charges of sexual attack and 3 counts of illegal imprisonment.

Nygard additionally faces a couple of charges of sex trafficking in New York City, wherein prosecutors stated in an indictment that, with assistance from his company, for over 25 years, he drugged and sexually assaulted at the least dozens of girls and minor-elderly lady victims. There is extradition intending underway in that case.

Outside one of the hearings, attorney Brian Greenspan stated that Mr. Nygard denies any allegation of crook conduct.

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