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Key Takeaways:

1-Students in India say are waiting for months to get permission to learn in Quebec

2-Long processing delays have persisted. At the same time, the suspensions were lifted at the starting of 2021.

Amanpreet Kaur’s parents were saving their hard-earned money for many years so that Amanpreet Kaur could study abroad.

Amanpreet Kaur enrolled in the last year 2020 in Business administration at M College of Canada, a private college in Montreal. Her tuition totaled more than $15,000 for the year.

But there was a problem: Kaur didn’t have her study permit, so that she couldn’t come to Canada. The study permit was delayed because the college was investigated last winter for its recruitment practices.

In 2021 she even opted for online courses instead. She decided to withdraw from the school when her permit still hadn’t been approved by the federal government by spring.

The college initially told Amanpreet to give her back $3700, which is less than half of what she paid in just six to eight weeks, but now it’s half of the year, but the wait is stretched to more than a year now.

The 20- year old lives in Ludhiana, a large city in India’s northern state of Punjab, where her father is a farmer. Kaur said in a recent video call with CBC News and told her parents are very stressed because it’s her parent’s hard-earned money.


Kaur and 120 Indian students are a part of the WhatsApp group who are in similar difficulty with M college, which is operated by a Mastantuano.

Mastantuano runs another private school in Sherbrooke, Que., where students say they have not got their money back.

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