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New recruits are welcomed by Saskatoon Fire

Saskatoon Fire warmly welcomes new recruits

Key Takeaways:

  • The recruits were acknowledged for completing their training at a private celebration on Friday, the Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD) reported in a press release.
  • According to Chief Hackl, “we search for people who will contribute to the overall success of our company” when employing new employees.

15 additional firemen will shortly join Saskatoon Fire.

According to a press statement from the Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD), the recruits were honored at a private event on Friday, which recognized the successful completion of their training.

We applaud each recruit’s effort to attain this goal and are excited to welcome these 15 people to the Saskatoon Fire Department, according to Chief Morgan Hackl.

All new members received education in fundamental firefighting methods, technical rescue, hazardous material mitigation, and fire inspections.

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“At SFD, we hold our training to a high standard. Over the past four weeks, our team of fire service instructors has worked with these new hires to review their firefighter and paramedic abilities and instruct them on how to use them in their new position at the SFD, according to Anthony Tataryn, assistant chief of staff development and safety.

“Our fire department works hard to be a leader in training because we understand the critical role it perin the protection of both our crew and residents,” the statement reads.

Saskatoon Fire warmly welcomes new recruits
Saskatoon Fire warmly welcomes new recruits. Image from iHeartRadio

The Saskatchewan College of Paramedics has certified and licensed the recruits as Primary Care Paramedics (PCP). This qualification is crucial since, according to the SFD, they react to more than 40% of EMS calls.

Chief Hackl stated that while hiring new personnel, “we search for people who will contribute to the overall success of our team.”

“With the increase in EMS calls in our city, it’s critical that our staff have paramedic training. Our firemen can efficiently respond to emergency EMS in high-hazard settings thanks to their additional PCP qualification.

At the ceremony, awards and battalion assignments were distributed. Next week, the new members will start working.

Source: CTV News

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