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Meili says voters have buyer’s remorse after Sask. Party COVID-19 response

REGINA — Saskatchewan NDP Opposition Leader Ryan Meili thinks some voters have buyer’s remorse after seeing the way Premier Scott Moe’s government has responded to COVID-19.

Meili says the Saskatchewan Party campaigned on a message that it had the virus under control.

But after the October election, cases continued to climb.

He says his background as a family doctor meant the NDP had to take some unpopular positions.

While Moe was saying he hoped to loosen some gathering restrictions so families could see each other at Christmas, Meili called for people to stay home and close non-essential businesses.

In the new year, Meili will face a leadership review, as the NDP claimed 13 seats in the election, while the Saskatchewan Party won 48.

Meili says his message to members is that he’s a leader who’s willing to work.

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