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Former Regina doctor charged with sexual assault admits he was shocked by the allegations

Accused of sexual assault by a former Regina doctor

Key takeaways:

  • He testified that the allegations against a former Regina doctor accused of sexually assaulting five female patients astounded and shocked him.
  • According to the Crown, the woman was sexually assaulted by Ukabam during medical exams, and Ukabam never explained the touching.

A former Regina doctor alleged sexually assaulting 5 female patients testified that the allegations against him amazed and shocked him.

Sylvester Ukabam, 76, was charged with seven counts of sexual assault in December 2010 as well as April 2017.

Ukabam, who has tried to plead not guilty to all charges, testified in his defense at his Regina Court of Queen’s Bench trial on Tuesday. He is being tried solely by a judge.

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The Crown claims Ukabam sexually abused five women while performing medical exams as a gastroenterologist (a doctor who copes with stomach as well as intestine disorders).

Any of the complainants cannot be identified due to a publication ban.

During his testimony, Ukabam mostly referred to medical records. Still, he did answer questions from his lawyer, Aaron Fox, regarding the medication one of the complainants was taking and the procedures the doctor used during physical exams.

The woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by Ukabam throughout medical exams, and Ukabam never gave her an explanation for the touching, according to the Crown. During opening arguments earlier this month, the Crown emphasized that the woman did not admit to Ukabam trying to touch her genitals.

Ukabam spent the majority of Tuesday questioning Fox regarding his professional relationship with the female, including her medical appointments for ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel illness that Ukabam was treating.

Accused of sexual assault by a former Regina doctor
Accused of sexual assault by a former Regina doctor. Image from Yahoo

Never touch a patient without their permission: Ukabam.

Ukabam stated that he never touched her without her permission. He also claimed that before 2015, she never expressed any concerns about the quality of care she was receiving to him or others. According to court documents, the woman had 13 appointments with Ukabam at his medical office and the Regina General Hospital over several years.

Ukabam also stated that part of his job entailed performing chest and abdomen exams to check for organ enlargement. He stated he used all his hands and a stethoscope for the examinations.

Ukabam was also questioned by Fox about a 2nd complainant, a 15-year Crohn’s disease patient.

She came forward since her last appointment with Ukabam in 2017, when he gave her an unwanted pelvic exam as well as touched her genitals without her permission, according to the Crown.

Ukabam reacted to her allegations the same way he did to the other women’s allegations.

“I was taken aback,” Ukabam said. “I was completely taken aback.”

Source: CBC News

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