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CULTURE CHIEF said Canadian military is targeting ‘Heart of the problem’ behind sexual misconduct

sexual misconduct


: Canadian Military senior woman says she believes the current push to address the crises of SEXUAL MISCONDUCT

One of the senior women in the Canadian military says she believes SEXUAL MISCONDUCT is past outstanding efforts, which she says only targeted ” symptoms.”

Despite previous imaginations by the Canadian Forces, the root issue of culture was never fully addressed, Carignan said in an interview with THE WEST BLOCK’S Mercedes Stephenson. She said, ” This time, we are going to the heart of the Issue.”

They have been looking at the systems historically. For the past six years, they have not reached to the heart of the problem; what is the environment that allows all range of misconduct to take place?”

In April, Carignan was named to the newly created post of professional conduct and culture amid a national estimation claim of high-level sexual misconduct.

Monday, Gen. Wayne Eyre, Chief of the defense staff, delivered an effective apology to survivors and victims of military sexual misconduct, besides Defence Minister Anita Anand.

You were hurt and let down, so when you get tired to get help, we do not react, said Eyre. He apologized for the trauma that the victims experienced; he said sorry to those who suffered in silence.

The successive government has repeatedly failed to unsatisfactorily confront which Anand described the problem as a ” scourge” within the Canadian military.

She said because of failure, Canadian forces, our department, and the Government of Canada will be carried with us. This is a systematic failure and inaction due to which ” Countless lives have been harmed.”

She pointed to the leadership when asked what was different from previous efforts, as Carignan last week said she has heard firsthand from large numbers of members who are ” hungry for change.”

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