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COVID-19 restrictions are coming to an end, and large venues are preparing

COVID-19 restrictions are being phased out at large venues.

Key Takeaways:

  • On February 15th, rinks, stadiums, and concert halls are all preparing for the removal of proof of vaccination requirements.
  • Saskatchewan entertainers are eager to work, but some are hesitant to perform in places that do not require vaccinations or masking.
  • COVID-19 is still a threat, according to the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Just because restrictions have been lifted does not mean it is no longer a threat.

Rinks, stadiums, and concert halls are all gearing up for the lifting of proof of vaccination requirements on February 15th, as well as masking requirements by the end of the month.

The performers and audiences at the province’s major venues are unsure how they react.

Saskatchewan entertainers want to work, but some are hesitant to perform at venues that do not have vaccine and masking requirements.

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“We won’t go into areas where people haven’t been vaccinated,” musician Brain Sklar said. “It’s just too crucial.” I understand that we’ve all been suffering for almost two years and that we desperately want to act in front of live audiences again, but it’s not worth risking your life.”

On Monday, large concert venues such as the Conexus Arts Centre will comply with the government’s directive and lift mandates. However, it acknowledges that some performances, such as the Regina Symphony, still require vaccines.

“For example, the Broadway musical Come From Away will be here in October,” said Neil Donnelly, CEO of the Conexus Arts Centre. “Now, that’s a long way off, but their current collective bargaining agreement with their actors stipulates that they’ll only tour in venues that have the necessary enforcements in place.” That might change between now and October when the show comes to town.”

The WHL adheres to local policies, which differ from one city to another. Other provinces’ mandates are still dictating whether or not national concert tours take place, which could impact Saskatchewan.

COVID-19 restrictions are being phased out at large venues.
COVID-19 restrictions are being phased out at large venues. Image from CTV news

“I think one of the challenges that we’re going to have to react to is that we’ve had a lot of concert disclosures over the last six months, and we’ve got a few coming up the upcoming week that is exciting,” Evraz Place CEO Tim Reid explained.

“So I think we’re going to find ourselves in a bit of a grey area where we’re trying to figure out what the best practices are at the time, so we’ll have to play that one by ear.”

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has released a reminder that just because restrictions are lifted does not mean COVID-19 is no longer a threat.

Dr. Alex Wong, an infectious disease specialist, said, “I don’t think we’ve quite hit our peak yet in hospitals and ICUs.”

“Hopefully, we will be capable of doing so within the next few days, but it remains to be seen.” Hospitals are already overburdened, so please be cautious.”

Source: CTV News

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