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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Carla Beck becomes the first woman to lead the Saskatchewan NDP

The Saskatchewan NDP chooses Carla Beck as its first female party leader.

Key Takeaways:

  • As the first female leader of the party, Beck hopes to become the first female premier of the province. She has been the MLA for Regina Lakeview since 2016.
  • Harvey declared that she still intended to run for Ryan Meili’s former position as the head of the Saskatoon Meewasin.

Carla Beck has been chosen as the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party’s new leader.

Beck aspires to become the province’s first female premier as the party’s first female head. She has served as Regina Lakeview’s MLA since 2016.

She called the victory that made history “special” and “an honor.”

After announcing the results, Beck told reporters, “I’m not sure if it has truly sank in yet, but it’s exciting.” Most of all, I’m thankful for the team around us, and I am eager and motivated to do the task ahead of us.

Out of the 4,741 total votes cast, the experienced MLA received 3,244 votes or around 68%. 7,294 party voters were eligible.

During her acceptance speech, she remarked, “Friends, I am so enthusiastic about the future and also the changes we have to deliver with the Saskatchewan people again, and I also feel a great sense of responsibility to get this right.”

The outcomes were announced at a leadership convention held by the party on Sunday in Regina.

According to Beck, the party will celebrate on Sunday night before returning to business on Monday with a caucus meeting.

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Kaitlyn Harvey, a Metis attorney from Saskatoon, was Beck’s lone rival and garnered 1,492 votes.

After announcing the results, she commented, “We ran a hard campaign; we worked every day to put forth our message to Saskatchewan: to save it, we need to do better.”

I’m delighted for Carla; she will be amazing, and I’m excited to see where she leads the party. I’m so pleased with everything we’ve accomplished in this short time.

Her campaign had two main focuses: Indigenous justice policies and the environment and climate change.

She promised during a presentation for her campaign earlier in the day, “I will never stop fighting for you, for the justice that Indigenous people deserve in this country, and I will never stop fighting for justice for future generations of Saskatchewan children.”

Ryan Meili’s old seat as the leader of the Saskatoon Meewasin was up for election, and Harvey said she still intended to compete for it.

The Saskatchewan NDP chooses Carla Beck as its first female party leader.
The Saskatchewan NDP chooses Carla Beck as its first female party leader. Image from CBC News


Meili commended a “good leadership race,” expressing his admiration for Beck and his eagerness to help her.

Before the results were announced on Sunday afternoon, he spoke about maintaining party unity. Meili urged NDP members to completely support the new leader whether or not they had voted for them.

“Help develop that new leader by being there. Encourage her. Invite her rival and her followers to join the project and work together, he urged.

“Scot Moe and the Saskatchewan have nothing. The party will welcome a united NDP. Nothing is more effective than the People’s Party operating as a unit.

In her statements before the vote, Beck again highlighted party cohesion.

People are struggling and tired of the divisiveness in our province, and they want to change. According to her, we are the only ones who can bring about that change.

“Unity is the source of our true power.”

The leadership contest was started when Meili declared he would be stepping down as leader earlier this year.

He also announced that he would be resigning as Saskatoon Meewasin’s MLA on the final day of the parliamentary session.

Shortly after the results were announced, Premier Scott Moe tweeted his congratulations to Beck on her victory.

The premier tweeted, “Congratulations to [Carla Beck] for receiving the membership’s support and being chosen the new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP and the Leader of the Official Opposition.”

Source: CTV News

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