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British Columbia’s flood relief, boosted by volunteers stepping up

Volunteers of two non-profit organizations joined forces with the soldiers who have been carrying out flood relief work in B.C.

  • Team Rubicon Canada steps up to assist flood relief campaign in British Columbia.
  • Volunteers help people find their belongings, and have vowed to aid faster relief process.
  • Yarrow Food Hub dedicates volunteers to giving sufferers food and listening to their traumatizing flood experiences.
Volunteers join forces to help with B.C. flood relief
The flood relief work in British Columbia gets a major boost after non-profit organizations jump in to help.

As British Columbia grapples with the aftermath of devastating flooding, there’s been an outpouring of assist for the ones at once handling the damage.

One of the numerous organizations supporting out is referred to as Team Rubicon Canada – a nonprofit that makes use of the capabilities and studies of navy veterans with first responders to install emergency reaction teams.

Volunteers with Team Rubicon have the capabilities and information had to assist out after catastrophe strikes.

Volunteer Ric Henderson instructed the media that they’re more tactical, get dirty, get a hands-on type of stuff.

The institution is present withinside the Fraser Valley, supporting with threat mapping, figuring out problems on roads, and mapping out flooded properties.

Next, they’ll be supporting people with their flooded houses with the aid of using entering into eliminating belongings, drywall, and carpet.

Henderson delivered that everyone has a unique set of capabilities. There are all sorts of matters that want to be done, whether or not it’s supporting sandbagging, incident management, logistics, supporting feed, and housing our humans. There are all types of capabilities we look for.

Another institution lending a hand is the Yarrow Food Hub. It began out as a single desk on Nov. 19 and has grown into a critical aid for flooded-out citizens in and surrounding the network of Yarrow.
Yarrow Food Hub’s Victoria Kuit stated that the hub is likewise the go-to identify for humans desiring something from a warm lunch to clothing, blankets, and protection gear.

They said that they sat out and listened to some terrible stories and tried to support everybody,

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