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Friday, September 22, 2023

Alton Gas Project on hold and it might be decommissioned by end of 2022

Alton Gas protest


1-Buildings to be torn down, most buried pipeline abandoned
2- There is also a channel dug since 2014 to divert water from River.

The components of failed natural gas project in stewiacke, N.S will be removed by 2022., according to the company who planned the project.

As originally it came up before 14 years ago, the Alton Gas project would have seen natural Gas stored in 15 huge underground salt canverns, destroid with water from the nearby Shubenacadie River.


The province approved the plan and some infrastructure, but the project was never noticed.

The project was several times obstructed over the years ans was consistently met with resistance from environmentalists and some members of Mi’kmaw community.

The Sipekne’katik band last year took the province to the court over the project so the judge ordered the government to restart consulation with the band, but that was hold-up by the pendamic.

In October 2020, Alton Gas, a subsidiary of Calgory energy company Alta Gas, announced the project dead, as per the internal results the project was “economically challenging”.

According to the plan realsed publicly this week, the company addressess 3 major components for decommissioning; a site near the river, a site near the caverns, and a pipeline connecting the two.

The plan will start decommissioning in spring 2022 and fininsh by the fall, under environmental observation to continue into 2023.


The company’s plan is to demolish above ground structures, remove buried equipment that’s within 1.2 metres of the surface, and empty any deeper buried components.

On the Bank of the Shubancadie River there are 2 buildings that were never operational : a pumphouse and an electrical building and a brine storage pond sorrounded by a chain – link fence and some buried equipment.

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