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Thursday, December 7, 2023

According to Davies, Saskatoon’s new parking application is “every city councilor’s nightmare”

Every city councillor's nightmare, according to Davies, is Saskatoon's new parking app.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ward 4 councilman Troy Davies is unwavering in his account of the debut of Saskatoon’s new parking app.
  • WayToPark, the previous go-to parking app for the city, was withdrawn on June 30. The merchant allegedly “discontinued” the app, according to the city.

Troy Davies, a councilman for Ward 4, is unflinching in his description of the launch of Saskatoon’s new parking app.

“Unfortunately, it’s the worst nightmare for every city council member. You enter July and suddenly discover that your parking app is probably not functioning as it should, “On Tuesday’s CTV Morning Live, Davies remarked.

The city’s former preferred parking app, WayToPark, was discontinued on June 30. The city claims that the seller “discontinued” the app.

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Users of the new app, ParkedIn, have complained about bugs, including having to repeatedly enter your license plate and credit card information, frequent freezing and crashing of the program, and the quantity of data it gathers from you.

The option to store credit card information “without concluding an initial transaction with the app” as well as extending parking time are two enhancements that the city says are in the works.

The app’s developer, Precise ParkLink, anticipates releasing the modifications in July.

Every city councillor's nightmare, according to Davies, is Saskatoon's new parking app.
Every city councillor’s nightmare, according to Davies, is Saskatoon’s new parking app. Image from CBC News

According to Davies, the vendor changed apps, not the City Council or the city. “We had reports that they really do know of the problems that are happening and also that they’re working on it, but from the City Council or the city standpoint, we didn’t have any say in this,” Davies said.

“There are thus undoubtedly developing pains present, which must be resolved. Therefore, it is evident to the city that this problem requires immediate attention.”

He advised anyone having issues getting in touch with City Hall and stated that the council is “extremely interested” in how the app would be handled.

Source: CTV News

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