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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

319 criminal charges for impaired driving were issued by Saskatchewan police in June

In June, Saskatchewan police reported 319 impaired driving criminal charges.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to an SGI release, 163 people suspended their administrative licenses because their alcohol and drug use exceeded the provincial limit.
  • Police reported that they fined 482 people in June for not using a seatbelt or for not properly buckling up children in a booster seat or car seat.

In June, 319 DUI charges were brought by police across Saskatchewan, according to SGI.

There were also 163 administrative license suspensions for those whose alcohol and drug use was above the provincial limit, according to an SGI announcement.

These punishments include a three-day minimum vehicle impoundment as well as mandatory driver education courses.

Drivers with experience are suspended in Saskatchewan if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is higher than.04.

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Alcohol is prohibited for new drivers, learners or novice licenses, and anybody under 21.

All drivers are subject to a zero-tolerance policy for marijuana and other substances.

Impaired driving offenses under the criminal code result in an immediate, permanent license suspension and a minimum 30-day car impoundment.

If the driver is found guilty, they could be subject to harsh fines starting at $1,000, fines for safe driving recognition starting at $1,250, and lengthier driving bans.

In June, Saskatchewan police reported 319 impaired driving criminal charges.
In June, Saskatchewan police reported 319 impaired driving criminal charges. Image from Global News

In addition, drunk drivers must complete a driver education course and have an ignition interlock installed in their car.

“Driving while intoxicated carries severe consequences because it puts everyone on the road in danger. Driving while intoxicated can ruin more than just your summer—it might ruin your life. Always obtain a secure ride, said SGI.

In June, police also reported issuing 482 fines for failure to wear a seatbelt or failure to properly secure kids in a car seat or booster.

Additionally, 719 of the 831 fines for distracted driving involved using a cellphone.

There were also 5,336 citations issued for speeding or violent driving.

Source: CTV News

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