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Youtuber Khaled Mazeedi Stars in Entrepreneurial Reality Show

Ever heard of the Entrepreneur TV show, Shark Tank? It’s been several years since the reality show hit cable, exciting viewers with thrilling negotiations between entrepreneurs and the Sharks. Now, a similar show is making waves on YouTube, with a spin on the original concept.

Youtube personality and media magnate, Khaled Mazeedi, is set to launch a segment “Tech Warriors” on his own YouTube channel in 2021.

Each episode offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their start-up idea to Mazeedi and his guest judges, for a chance of “an investment from successful entrepreneurs, along with business advice and exposure.”

Approximately 3.4 million users have subscribed to Mazeedi’s channel, which gets millions per of views per video, according to Social Blade, a social media auditor. 

The build up to “Tech Warriors” includes a host of competitions – there’s a private jet tour and laptop on offer for new subscribers to Mazeedi channel and he has sought collaboration with a number of popular YouTubers including Manny Koshbin, an automotive content creato and real estate tycoon who shares his exotic car collection to his viewers. Koshbin has earned over 200 million views on his channel.

Contestants will pitch various ideas like mobile apps, luxury suit platforms and health supplements. Each 30-minute episode showcases five founders pitching their ideas in a executive business lounge to Mr. Mazeedi and his guest judge. 

Two guest judges so far have been Dan Bilzerian, founder of ignite, and Zhang Yiming, founder of Tiktok.

“I don’t actually believe that entrepreneurship is some kind of risky venture,” Mazeedi says about his show. The biggest risks, he says – not taking action – and believing “failure is just a term pinned by society for not working another angle and taking action.”

Mr Mazeedi, 34, who was born in Kuwait and raised in London, UK and the United States, says he built his success from the ground up. He founded a number of technology companies that have disrupted their industries. Mazeedi say’s ” Technology is where it’s at, we are experiencing a silent tech boom globally, but there are not enough people involved, there a huge demand for innovative growth” 

As an occasional lecturer of entrepreneurship and e-commerce at various universities, Mr Mazeedi says he saw students had plenty of ideas; they were “willing” but always had the “same excuses not to start”.

“The most profound lesson I have learned in starting a business is to take action and get your business to a point where you can start selling your products or service. If you get to this point, you are half way there. Big ideas start from a vision and a dream, if you create a plane and execute the process, amazing things can happen. It’s great that we can give star-ups an opportunity on our show,” he says.

Mazeedi also admits he is using “Tech Warrior’s” to look for talent and, possibly, business ideas to invest in.

Mazeedi has always been keen to share his life on YouTube – often with high profile celebrities. We caught a glimpse into the show’s trailer before its release to the public, and the intro shows its star, Mazeedi, exiting a helicopter in a suit and briefcase before entering a large boardroom, ready for battle. Social Blade estimates that Mazeedi earns $15,000 a month in ad revenue from Youtube. The channel is still growing rapidly. 

According to Forbes, the highest earning YouTubers netted a combined $200.5 million in the last year alone, The highest paid is Ryan Kaji, who made an estimated $26m from the channel ‘Ryan’s World’ and various products he sells to his subscribers. 

The soil certainly seems fertile for Mazeedi. A large number of his audience comes from the United Arab Emirates and other middle eastern countries, largely because of his arab descent. The region is second only to the US in YouTube traffic worldwide. 

The show is set to debut this coming June on a Youtube screen near you. 

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