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Taking a Look at the Future of the Film Industry with Actor Matthew Sauvé

Matthew Sauvé’s star is rising, and as he ascends, he is looking toward the future. From Sauvé’s view, the future of film is being built by the youth of the world. Having followed a dream of being an actor, he has established himself as a widely successful actor. His career has exploded into a crescendo of success, while Sauvé is the perfect shepherd of tomorrow’s acting talent.

Sauvé stated that the film industry has evolved over the years. Now it stands at the precipice of transformation, powered by the blending of artistic creativity and technology. In between film shoots and film festival appearances, Sauvé also holds drama workshops for kids at the Kamera Academy, the child talent division of Sutherland Models. In an age where the technology of film is now being handed to aspiring youngsters through the latest smartphones and tablets, their drive and ambition to be creative will be lighting the fire of future film productions. Sauvé wants to tend that flame and help it burn in a way that lends support to young actors, especially at an early age. “Giving young talent that opportunity to start early is important to me because it is something I wish I had.” Sauvé explains.

The leading man of the award-winning short film One Night Stand Matthew Sauvé’s name is on the lips of many industry insiders who have witnessed his rise to stardom. Sauvé has single-handedly built his acting career by pursuing his childhood dream to be an actor. His tireless commitment to his craft has seen him mentor the talent of the future as well as using his platform to highlight the importance of inclusion in the arts by championing visibility for disabilities in film. As Sauvé has been humbly quoted as saying, “Don’t let your star rise without taking others with you, always pay it forward.”

Sauvé sees the future of film-making as a combination of new techniques, methods, and technology, coupled with the untapped potential of talented youngsters. With countless award wins and having been nominated against Hollywood stalwarts such as Vincent D’Onofrio, Matthew Sauvé’s is a bright star worth following.

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