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Entrepreneur Milad Hatami Talks About His Journey and Garnering Success

Financial hardships can create a kink in life. When they arise, the impact can vary from barely noticeable to life changing. Milad Hatami went through this cycle but is now on top of the world as one of Instagram’s most popular comedians. What is even more impressive, he is just 22 years old.

An avid footballer, Milad played on several teams during his child and teenage years. Unfortunately, financial trouble brough an untimely end to his athletic ambitions. Coming from a family of modest means, Milad started to work while he was still in school. He spent time studying currency exchange and the stock market which turned out to be his ticket to financial freedom.

With a formidable amount of knowledge, Milad opened his own exchange center in the Ferdowsi Mall when he was 18. Proving to be a smart business move, this operation made a lot of revenue in very little time. Next, Milad began to work in the tourism field on Kish Island as he continued his education and graduated with a degree in computer science.

Combining his technical and trading skills, Milad launched is now a young millionaire. With money struggles behind him, he was able to pursue another love: comedy. Though he has 1 million Instagram followers, Milad’s online comedy career started rather obscurely. A girl had recorded one of his performances and posted it online; the clip went viral.

Today, Milad is one of Instagram’s most popular and loved performers. He specializes in improvisational satire, frequently involving other people in his activities to make the gags even funnier. The improv aspect makes Milad’s comedy more relatable and believable. It is also a riot to watch people fall for his gags. While comedy is a tough to pull off, Milad does so superbly as he has a mind swimming with jokes, pranks, and amusing scenarios.

Improv, especially satirical improv, is all about technique. Milad is a master of this as he combines comedy with storytelling, plus his comic timing is impeccable. One can only wonder how he keeps a straight face during some of his stunts as that requires a separate drama performance.

In addition to his startups and online businesses, Milad makes a very comfortable living with his comedy performances through Instagram and live shows. His creative mind delivers scenarios that audiences will be familiar with, thus increasing the level of understanding between one another. From financial difficulty to becoming a millionaire, Milad came out of a vicious cycle with a smile on his face and that of countless others.

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