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Discussing the Evolution of Entrepreneurship through the Years with Abhishek Agrawal

Going into business was not every man’s cup of tea until a few years ago. In the 80s or 90s India, only those born into a business family chose the life of an entrepreneur. However, the tech-driven economy, a global mindset, and the interconnected world have democratized entrepreneurship more than ever. More and more young people are choosing to set up their own business rather than going to work for a multinational company or a big brand. What is the difference between the entrepreneurs of the modern world and those of the past era? Young entrepreneur and fashion model Abhishek Agrawal answers this question with his view of the evolution of entrepreneurship.

According to Abhishek, “Entrepreneurs play a huge role in nation-building. They are the catalysts of change. But what was meant for only a select few in the past has become a possible career option for anyone with grit and guts.”

“Most entrepreneurs in the past had a strict hierarchical structure to their organization. In current times, entrepreneurs encourage a much more open and free-flowing structure that encourages ideas and participation across the board,” says Abhishek. While this new trend is bringing bolder ideas to the fore, it also stands the risk of entertaining a wrong idea that could be damaging to business. How does he tackle this challenge? “I think mistakes are the key to success,” says Abhishek.

Another evolution in the entrepreneurial landscape that Abhishek observes is the reduction in the average age of entrepreneurs. “With more and more youngsters choosing entrepreneurship as their career, the way businesses are conducted is much more casual,” he says. “Today, a business conference is more like a bunch of friends getting together. No big words or heavy dressing, just interesting people discussing ideas.”

According to Abhishek, entrepreneurs of today are much more connected to the real world with hands-on experience rather than just having a business degree from an ivy-league like those from the past decades. “Many of my peers are drop-outs,” says Abhishek. How does this help, we ask. “Entrepreneurs start early and go staring into the market and experience all its ups and downs first-hand. This is more education than anything you could get from a classroom,” he says.

The ever-changing world brings with it new challenges and new solutions. Abhishek’s view of entrepreneurship is refreshing and encouraging. Will this trend flourish? “This is the way to go,” he says confidently.

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