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Dave Panozzo, the Rookie Awardee in 2017 and 2018, whose team tops in Phoenix for Homesmart

After several failure’s in Dave’s life, he showed us not to lose our self confidence until we reach the top.

Dave had to go through a lot in his early life. He had dropped out college, then was a photo session seller, then he started flipping homes. He left his car job in the later part of his career and started to flip homes as all time programme. But, the market crashed, and he was left without anything. Somehow, he gathered courage and started up a new business of selling granite stones. Well, hard luck this time too, as the business suffered losses and had to shut down. He switched back to his car business, but that also didn’t last for a long time. At this point of time, he made up his mind along with his wife Kim Panozzo to open a team of eight people who he named – Panozzo team.

The business team is all about real estate experts have who worked for the Homesmart brokerage. Their targeted audience is in Phoenix and they are best known for performing things a bit differently. Dave gathered the trust of the each customer by providing them with the best class service and thus, for the customers Panozzo team undoubtedly became their first choice if they wanted to buy or sell any residential real estate in Phoenix. In coming times, the Panozzo team is all set to be seen in HGTV house hunters and they are planning to open a software application suitable for Android/iOS mobile phones in order to stay organised.

“Your Key to the Right Move”, “Bringing You The American Dream” are the slogans dedicated by the team towards their clients. They are to appoint freshers who are coachable, have all in one attitude and some experience in this field. The best advice from his side is that, we need to know in which field we can excel in, not all are meant for everyone. Also, one needs to have a plan before undertaking certain projects, otherwise they are to fail in any way. We all need to keep pushing ourselves till the end unless and until the motto is achieved, no matter the amount of setbacks and struggles we face in our journey, we should stay focused and give it all to achieve our goals. This is the success mantra one should follow according to Dave Panozzo, today’s successful leader, heading the dynamic Panozzo team.

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