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Meet Mr. Jose Gaytan, an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and agency builder, a man exploring all horizons. He has paved his path towards success by discovering his interest and passion towards entrepreneurship and associating with great mentors who helped him reach great heights of success. Today he and his wife, Marlene, are the proud leaders of the fastest growing financial marketing company in the U.S, PHP Agency Inc. Their team TGA The Great Awakening, represents 50% of the company. 

Gaytan’s early life and inspiration behind entrepreneurship 

Jose Gaytan firmly believes that the entrepreneur gene was passed on to him by his mother. Gaytan, along with his three siblings, has been raised by his mother after his parents got separated. Gaytan admired seeing her work, her magic as she presented her company, and getting clients at the visits. Seeing his mother meeting all odds, raising all her children with optimism and freedom by running her own business is what inspired him to choose entrepreneurship as his career option over a job. 

Gaytan walking down the memory lane 

Gaytan, led by a friend, business coach, and visionary, Patrick Bet David, decided to help start PHP Agency in October 2009. He mentions that the risks of the unknown, the excitement of the future outcomes, and the shot of making history were a few of the things that drove him to begin the journey of starting a company. He and his wife were committed to having each other’s back while building the company. Together they attracted other strong couples to work alongside each other and create something they can be proud of as a power couple. Talking about the obstacles he faced, he believes the biggest one is the mental obstacle. “When you learn to have mental toughness, you will overcome every battle that comes your way on your journey to success,” Gaytan quoted. 

Gaytan explaining his business and its sole objectiveGaytan is a proud co-founder of a leading Financial Marketing Organization, TGA Financials /PHP Agency, which protects families with various life insurance products and secures people’s retirements with guaranteed products offered by insurance companies. It provides the best part-time and full-time opportunities in the financial services industry. One can make a high income by getting a life insurance license, world class training, and protecting families with the various services.

Jose’s inspiration and vision 

Gaytan’s favorite quote is, “Don’t expect people to understand your grind when God didn’t give them your vision.” With this mindset, he has the vision to have 500,000 licensed agents by 2029 and dominate the industry. He plans to be an international powerhouse and a household name. Along the way, by making a significant change in people’s lives, helping millions of people reach their goals and dreams motivates him to keep growing and make history. 

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