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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Joshua Fletcher’s Top 3 Anxiety Podcasts

Joshua Fletcher (@anxietyjosh) is a qualified anxiety therapist based in the UK. He has 3 bestselling self-help books for anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Once a sufferer himself, he set out to create a platform called The School Of Anxiety to help those who struggle with anxiety and provide insight as someone who has been there, but also now a qualified therapist. Here are Josh’s 3 podcast recommendations:

  1. The Panic Pod

“Obviously, I’d include my own. In this podcast I’m joined by my co-host Ella Jean and by guest specialists in the field of mental health. I talk about anxiety and how to overcome it both as an expert and someone who was previously diagnosed.”  The Panic Pod has over 200 5* ratings on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

  • The Anxious Truth

“Drew Linsalata really knows his stuff on panic disorder and agoraphobia. He’s a brilliant educator on the subject and is currently studying to be a therapist himself. A superb resource.”

The Anxious Truth can be found on social media at the handle @the.anxious.truth

  • Your Anxiety Toolkit

“Kimberley Quinlan is a top expert in the field of anxiety disorders, including eating disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She’s the queen of ERP and a model professional who excudes compassion in all of her work including her podcast.” You can find Kimberley at @youranxietytoolkit

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