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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Beauty Blogger Melina Taj lists 5 Tips For Instagram Success

On average, a person spends about 2 hours 20 minutes scrolling through social media daily. With the massive shift in working from home today, the average span of digital consumption has soared considerably. If you are a marketer or an influencer, you might be aware that building a strong presence on Instagram is no easy task.

We spoke to leading Instagram beauty influencer, Melina Taj, on how to excel when it comes to building an extraordinary presence on Instagram. Here are 5 tips from her:

Be Real

Yes, you have to create attractive and engaging content, but it is essential to keep it real. There is possibly no bigger turn off for an authentic viewer than to spend precious time on someone who acts fake and robotic. It will take some time, but invest in identifying your unique style and charm. “For me, my followers are my extended family. I do not put up anything that I don’t personally vouch for. I ensure my videos reflect myself in every way and how I am in reality.”

Connect with your audience

There is no denying that the competitive space on Instagram is much bigger than it used to be a few years ago. “It is a challenge to be able to hold the viewer’s attention while filtering the heavy daily traffic of content. One has to create unique content, but more than that, it has to connect with the viewers. Understand what your followers are looking for and find the best way to present it to them.” Find ways to improve your viewers’ lives, whether it’s a short, entertaining spoof or a detailed master class. Make their time on your post worth it!

Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

“I couldn’t emphasize more on impactful collaborations. It’s key to grow.” When you have just begun, you might have to step out and explore collaborations and brands that fit your personality and goals. And as you gain higher followership, collaborations will come to you. As your profile finds its way to relevant hashtags and campaigns, footfalls to your account will increase and multiply. This not only helps to build a strong industry network but transports your message faster.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

“You won’t know until you have tried. The big world out there can be overwhelming, especially because it is social media! You don’t know anyone, but I think that’s a plus.” Melina believes that it is your playground for trial and error, with no one to roll their eyes on you, at least not physically. Practice until you are perfect, and don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. Love the latest trend? Think you can carry it off like a doll? Go ahead and try it, because a strong and fearless attitude carries a bold voice. You will be surprised by all the Insta-Love that you receive in return.

Review your feed

You might be posting consistently, but are you reviewing your feed? Visualize the kind of profile you want to build, identify what it lacks, and brainstorm on how you can get it there. Plan your content ahead of time, ensure each post on your feed speaks of you as a brand and glorifies your story. Do your bit of research and gauge the pulse of content that surrounds your niche and build your theme accordingly.

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