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Friday, February 23, 2024

The government of Saskatchewan has launched a new Student Ambassador Program

The Government of Saskatchewan has launched a new Student Ambassador Program

Key Takeaways:

  • The Saskatchewan Student Ambassador Program is a “key component” of the province’s new International Education Strategy, according to the province.
  • The scholarship is open to students studying abroad as well as international students studying in the province.

The Saskatchewan Student Ambassador Program, which the province describes as “a key component” of the new International Education Strategy, was launched on Monday.

According to the province, the strategy will allow international students studying in Saskatchewan to receive specialized training to become global citizens and ambassadors for the province.

In addition, the program will help promote the province’s post-secondary education institutions by assisting students in forming international partnerships and expanding opportunities in areas like research and student exchange.

According to the Saskatchewan government, the program’s goal is to have student ambassadors promote the province as a desirable place to study, live, work, do business, and raise a family.

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“The Saskatchewan Student Ambassador Program contributes to Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan by enhancing the province’s global brand by connecting students to international opportunities and providing global experiences to the next generation of students,” said Advanced Education Minister Gene Makowsky.

The education minister added, “These experiences can be used to innovate and grow Saskatchewan’s economy.”

Through two key pathways, the Ministry of Advanced Education collaborates with the province’s post-secondary education institutions to provide specialized training for student ambassadors registered in this program.

The first is through an Outbound Mobility Pathway, which will provide registered Saskatchewan students with cultural expectations training and Saskatchewan-specific promotional teachings and resources when studying abroad.

The moment is through an Inbound Mobility Pathway, which will provide academic and cultural experiences, including campus tours as well as historical teachings, as well as Saskatchewan-specific promotional teachings and resources, to registered international students.

The Government of Saskatchewan has launched a new Student Ambassador Program
The Government of Saskatchewan has launched a new Student Ambassador Program. Image from Carleton University

Shirley Zhou, International Partnerships Specialist at the University of Saskatchewan, said, “This exciting collaboration among the government and the post-secondary sector gives domestic as well as international students opportunities to be global and cultural ambassadors.”

“By broadening their perspectives, participants will be better prepared to succeed in the global economy and develop the leadership that the world requires,” she added.

“Our students showcase the values of our university and province, and they have long served as informal ambassadors further than our provincial borders, both during their studies and after graduation,” said Dr. Jeff Keshen, University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor.

Dr. Larry Rosia, President and CEO of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, said, “Saskatchewan Polytechnic is pleased to support the Student Ambassador Program.”

According to the province, inbound and outbound students can access a variety of supports through their institutions, including the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship.

Students studying abroad and international students studying in the province can apply for the scholarship.

Students interested in participating in the Saskatchewan Student Ambassador Program should apply through their designated post-secondary institution as part of their student mobility application.

Source: Global News

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