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Vir Das’ “Two Indias” monologue sparks outrage in India

Speaking at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., Vir Das gave a monologue about the “Two Indias” that exist in today’s day and age, infuriating right-wingers of the PM’s government.

  • Vir Das defends his “Two Indias’ monologue, saying he takes pride in being an Indian.
  • Ashoke Pandit calls Vir Das a terrorist, as India’s right-wingers’ group demands the comedian’s arrest.
  • Opposition minister defends Vir Das’ monologue and encourages freedom of speech.
Comedian Vir Das got a standing ovation at the John F. Kennedy Center after his “Two Indias” monologue.

A comedian’s effective monologue addressing several of India’s maximum touchy problems which include rape and farmers’ protests has split opinions withinside the country, with right-wing activists calling for his arrest at the same time as supporters rally to his defense.

Comedian Vir Das on November 12, a six-minute speech chronicling what he perceives as the country’s twin personality — on the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. performed “I come from 2 Indias”. The monologue has over 1.1 million views.

Das stated withinside the monologue, ” I come from an India wherein we worship ladies during the day, however, gang rape them at night. I come from an India wherein we take pride in being vegetarian, and but run over the farmers who grow our vegetables.”

Relating to the deaths of at least 8 humans last month while an automobile linked to a federal minister allegedly ran over numerous humans during a protest towards debatable farm laws.
The hashtag #VirDas is trending in India, with greater than 60,000 tweets as of Wednesday afternoon.

Ashutosh Dubey, a criminal adviser to the ruling Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party stated he filed a complaint with the Mumbai police towards Das’ “inflammatory” comments.
Indian filmmaker Ashoke Pandit stated Das “must be straight away arrested” for his comments.

In a declaration published on Twitter Tuesday, Das defended his monologue, saying that he “takes pride” in India. Meanwhile, Das has acquired support from numerous competition politicians, journalists, and activists.
Shashi Tharoor, a lawmaker with the competition Congress Party, stated Das “spoke for millions” in a Twitter post.

Of late, fears have been raised by a few comedians about an escalation of a crackdown on free speech through Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.
Muslim comic Munawar Faruqui became arrested in January for allegedly making “indecent remarks” about Hindu gods, in step with the media. Faruqui become granted bail through the Supreme Court in February, information portals reported.

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