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Friday, February 23, 2024

Majority of homicide victims in Saskatchewan are indigenous, stats reveal

Statistics Canada Data reveals that 76 percent of the homicide victims in Saskatchewan were Indigenous.

  • The highest murder rate of indigenous people in Canada, recorded in Saskatchewan.
  • Expert says action is needed, looking at the stats of homicide in indigenous people.
  • Rate of murder accused in Indigenous people is much higher when compared to normal people.
Homicide rate for Canadian Indigenous victims 7 times higher - Bhaskar Live  English News
Indigenous people in Saskatchewan have witnessed the highest rate of homicides.

The murder rate amongst Indigenous human beings in Saskatchewan is extra than 17 instances better than the rate amongst non-Indigenous sufferers, although Indigenous human beings simplest make up approximately 10 percent of the province’s population, in step with current Statistics Canada data.

The data, posted in a Nov. 25 report, suggests Saskatchewan’s rate of Indigenous murder sufferers is the very best in Canada.

Of the 60 murder sufferers in Saskatchewan in 2020, 46 — extra than seventy-six percentage — have been Indigenous.

That’s a rate of 22. seventy-four homicides in line with 100,000 human beings withinside the Indigenous population, in step with Statistics Canada, in comparison to a rate of 1.31 in line with 100,000 withinside the non-Indigenous population.

In 2019, there have been fifty-five murder sufferers in Saskatchewan, 37 of whom have been Indigenous.

Robert Henry, an Indigenous research professor at the University of Saskatchewan, says the records display action is needed.

Henry stated there are numerous motives why the divide exists. He stated Indigenous lives are on occasion visible as much less precious than the ones of non-Indigenous human beings.

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Henry — who researches Indigenous avenue gangs, intellectual health, and justice — notes a few Indigenous human beings are worried about gangs and what he knows as the “street lifestyle.”

He says it is crucial to higher apprehend a way to work with human beings in one’s areas to keep away from needless deaths.

Statistics Canada additionally notes that during 2020, the rate of Indigenous human beings accused of murdering Saskatchewan became over 23 instances better than the rate amongst non-Indigenous human beings, a rate which is likewise the very best in Canada.

Henry stated a number of this violence is devoted towards different Indigenous human beings, and nearer interest desires to be paid to why this is happening.

He cited steps are being taken, like programming which is supporting Indigenous human beings triumph over intergenerational trauma that can be main to violence.

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