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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Canadian Blood Services may recommend ending the ban on gay men donating blood

Just like the UK, Canadian Blood Services will recommend ending, asking sexual orientation to men who donate blood to Health Canada.

  • An end to the ban on bisexual and homosexual men donating blood is around the corner in Canada.
  • PM Justin Trudeau had promised to end the ban when he became the Prime Minister in 2015.
  • HIV transmission is higher in anal sex as compared to vaginal sex, reveals a study.
Gay and bisexual men may be allowed to donate blood without being asked awkward questions – Canadian Blood Services recommend

A cease to the ban on homosexual and bisexual guys from donating blood — promised via way of means of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2015 — is about to be advocated inside weeks in favor of the latest screening standards based on sexual records and behavior.

Canadian Blood Services is getting ready to invite Health Canada to permit it to scrap questions on gender or sexuality, basing screening on higher-risk sexual behavior instead. Potential donors can be requested if they have had more than one sexual companion and about their sexual conduct in preference to their sexuality and gender.
Currently, guys volunteering to provide blood are asked if they have had intercourse with a person withinside the remaining 3 months. Women wishing to donate are asked if withinside the remaining 3 months they’ve had intercourse with a guy who withinside the remaining 365 days had intercourse with some other man.

The blood carrier says it is from getting ready to quote evidence from international locations that don’t ask donors such questions, in addition to studies at the risk of HIV transmission, in its submission to Health Canada withinside the subsequent six weeks.

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An examination of studies into HIV transmission among January 2001 and May 2012 via way of means of the Public Health Agency of Canada determined that “all research always suggested that anal sex is a higher-risk act than vaginal sex, which in turn is a higher-risk act than oral sex.”

The manner the screening is presently set up lacks nuance and additionally does not cope with folks that are transgender, two-spirit, or in any other case do not agree to binary genders, stated Nathan Lachowsky, certainly considered one among numerous researchers whose work will tell Canadian Blood Services’ application.

The U.K. standards for blood donation, which Blood Services says it’s been thinking about in conjunction with that from different international locations, does now no longer consist of questions on sexual orientation. It asks capacity donors whether or not they’ve had more than one companion and engaged in anal intercourse.

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