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Saturday, November 27, 2021

159 flags, placed by Sunningdale’s students on remembrance day

Remembering the 158 soldiers and one civilian who lost their lives in Afghanistan, students from Sunningdale School walked in the college’s front walkway with Canadian flags.

  • 158 soldiers and a civilian who were martyred in Afghanistan, remembered by Sunningdale School’s students.
  • Principal of Sunningdale School is proud of his students who decided to mark the remembrance day with a respectable gesture.
  • Friends of the Forces Fellowship and Sunningdale School joined hands for paying respects to the 159 lost souls.
Sunningdale School and Friends of the Forces Fellowship together paid respects to the country citizens who passed away in Afghanistan

Sunningdale School college students positioned flags in remembrance of the 158 army men and one civilian who died in Afghanistan. The Friends of the Forces Fellowship in association with Sunningdale School walked inline the college’s front walkway with Canadian flags in guidance for Remembrance Day.

It become a brisk November morning, however, Nathan Hazell’s grade seven magnificence filed out regardless to drill holes withinside the frozen floor and area 159 flags. Friends of the Forces Fellowship member Phil Adkins defined to the grade sevens what the flags symbolized earlier than handing out electricity drills and flags. The college students broke into groups of drillers and flag-placers and set to work.
Chief Warrant Officer Keur of two Canadian Forces Flying Training School (the “Big 2”) become there to symbolize the Forces. Also in attendance had been Fellowship Vice-Chairman Robb Nesbitt; Fellowship treasurer Joyce Walter; and Fellowship participants Carrie Froehlich and Ken Hawkes.

Sunningdale School primary Dave Osberg watched his college students proudly, commenting that he become glad about how nicely they had been cooperating and playing their tasks.
Osberg stated it become a pleasing way of life every November to have the Friends of the Forces Fellowship and participants of the Canadian Forces pop out to the college to remind college students there of the sacrifices made through our country’s squaddies.
The Sunningdale college students loved the usage of the electricity tools, ensuing in some extra holes being drilled that become strictly necessary. They had been additionally visibly decided to do a very good process and spaced the flags out cautiously at the same time as packing dust to ensure they stayed upright.

Formerly 15 Wing Fellowship, the Friends of the Forces Fellowship is a nearby corporation whose assignment is to reinforce ties among the Forces and the community.

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