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Tofuu-the self-made YouTube entrepreneur whose story will blow your mind!

The idol of gaming nerds, Tofuu the gaming YouTuber has established his brand as a businessman with sheer passion and motivation for innovating video games.

Tofuu, whose real name is Hayden Joseph Branigan, has skyrocketed to fame for his video game business on YouTube. With 3.8 million subscribers, and experience in the entrepreneur and marketing industry for over 10 years, Tofuu has made quite a fortune and developed a niche for multiple businesses. He primarily deals in video blogging, gaming, and gaming related merchandise. Let’s delve a bit deeper into Tofuu’s success story.

Our beloved YouTuber has his roots in Sun Valley of Idaho. Born on the 1st of November, Hayden was a mirthful child, never seen without a smile. From an early age, he developed a keen eye for the immense earning potential of handmade goods. His family garage was his workshop where he used to make things he sold around town. Tofuu’s first experience with vlogging was made possible by a Flip phone, where he made records of his tryst with video games, with a running background commentary. Watching content created by famous YouTubers like RayWilliamJohnson helped him sharpen his talent and he realised that he has found his true passion. From 16 onwards, he has been making money with his online content and till now, he has never felt a need for a 9 to 5 desk job. 

When we asked Tofuu about his secret to fame, he admitted that it was his unwavering will power and dedication to hard work. Some days, he would wake up at 3 a.m. to edit his videos before uploading if he had some other obligations later in the day. He constantly monitors the analytics of his videos and makes it a point to interact with his fans. Getting to know his fans made his job of brainstorming easier as he got to know what the viewers expect from his channel. No wonder, his YouTube community has a strong base all over Asia, Europe and South America.

Tofuu credits the inspiration behind his success to his mother, who invested him with unbridled energy and support. To budding vloggers aspiring to make it big in this sector, he has a piece of valuable advice. He says that it’s better to be smarter than the guy who worked before, not faster. Hayden’s Instagram profile, @Tofu has many more interesting snippets of his personal life.

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