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Raring to reach the top of the car rental industry in Dubai is Ahmad Mansour

Ahmad is a 31-year-old car rental business owner who has grown his brand quickly and turned into a prominent company.

We may come across many individuals who exude passion for at least one thing in life. However, it is not necessary that all these individuals make efforts in the same direction; some of them may even give up halfway and go with the flow in life. But, there are a few people who believe in working upon their dreams and fuel their passion by making relentless efforts in their career. Ahmad Mansour is all about this and much more. He was born in Sydney, Australia, but his quest to do something bigger and better in life for his passion for supercars landed him in the country of all kinds of possibilities and opportunities -Dubai.

Ahmad Mansour always saw in himself as a lover of supercars. As a kid, his eyes got attracted to everything related to cars. Soon, he realized his passion while he was still in his early 20s and this is when he decided to make a career in the same. Dubai was one place that he placed his bets on and knew how it could be the turning point of his career and life. It was in 2018 that Ahmad Mansour got shifted to Dubai in his quest to start his own car rental business and that’s what he did.

Seeing how the industry of tourism gained great momentum in Dubai, Ahmad Mansour began working around starting his own venture. With many sleepless nights, and relentless hard work and research, he initiated his ‘Luxury Supercar Rentals’ in Dubai, which today has been touted as one of the best car rental services in Dubai with its wide-range offering of supercars.

Learning each day something new, understanding the car rental markets and customer behaviour as well, Ahmad Mansour has already opened three branches in less than two years and turned his business into a prominent name in the car rental industry in Dubai.

To learn more about him, follow him on Instagram @ahmed.amwell

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