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Julia Wang’s measured courage in the real estate industry has helped her soar to great heights

Whether it was her positive mentality or a desire to own a company, Julia Wang had the composure of taking calculated risks, which enabled her to grow as a successful real estate entrepreneur.

It often happens that aspiring entrepreneurs can have all the requisite characteristics such as passion, hard work, dedication, preparation, optimistic outlook, etc., but they lack another main attribute, courage. Some entrepreneurs are very courageous, be it in taking high-end risks and investing hugely to reap future rewards, or not courageous enough to take risks at all, relying on the mantra of “low risks low rewards”. To be a good entrepreneur, one must have the ability to measure bravery, to know when to display courage, and in what quantity, not too much nor too little, to measure exquisitely. Keeping this in mind, one such entrepreneur who scaled to the top of the real estate business is – Julia Wang. Even in the challenging times of COVID-19, the resilience and persistence of Julia helped her succeed in the real estate industry. She is one of the most recognized names on social media for the real estate industry. After closing in 2019 with sales of over $29 million, she founded NextGen Real Estate in 2020, a brokerage that defines the new normal of real estate by using all aspects of technology, especially online and social media platforms.

Julia started her professional career in marketing as a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. After starting as a consultant on her own, she quickly realized that her passion for property would intersect with her real estate business target, and then she never looked back. She had purchased and sold hundreds of properties all over Houston on behalf of her customers. She has helped first-time buyers and families find their dream homes as a Certified Luxury Home Specialist, as well as serving investors, builders, and developers such as MC2 Architects, Timeline Construction Company, Dreamscape Modern, Citywide Builders and Imagine Modern Builders to buy and sell properties. From Virtual Home tours to the weekly open house and even 24/7 assistance, she goes above and beyond in every aspect of the buying and selling process for her clients.

Julia has over 90k followers on her Instagram account where she shares her personal life and also some insights into her business journey. She also pays for it by using her company and social media network to support a range of philanthropic causes, including social equality, mental wellbeing, and recognition of breast cancer. Away from the office, Julia enjoys travel, cooking, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and Vlogging at Wangsta’s Paradise. The magnificent home she shares with her husband, a serial entrepreneur, their two children, and a French bulldog puppy, is her version of paradise. She says “My husband has always been my pillar, and he drives me to be the best person I can ever be, and for that, I’m very thankful.”

For the clearest picture of her devotion to fulfilling her goals and expectations, an individual can read her customer testimonials. To expand the marketing scope of her listings, she has often leveraged her presence across multiple platforms. Her monthly e-newsletters are coveted by clients and real estate professionals, in which she shares industry perspectives, design ideas, and motivating messages. Mentorship is an important part of how Julia gives back, which is why it is woven into the fabric of the NextGen family. She says, “It has always been my goal to build a brokerage that hamesses the uniqueness of its people and empowers its agents to buy, lease, and sell better.”

Her willingness to share her trade secrets-and her genuine desire to see others succeed-is without question the reason her content has remained so relevant, even at a time when fewer people are buying houses. Perhaps this is why next-level marketing is Julia’s normal, she has been voted #1 Texas Social Media Realtor and Yahoo’s top agent to follow in 2020, a thought-provoking industry pioneer who is also in high demand as a panellist, keynote speaker, and podcast guest.

For Julia, integrity, abundance, loyalty, and faith are the primary core values for success. It has always been her mantra that selling homes is about selling yourself to the same extent.

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