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Saskatoon police help to break up a large-scale auto theft ring

Saskatoon police help to break up an auto theft network involving hundreds of vehicles

Key Takeaways:

  • Saskatoon police played a key role in a car theft investigation involving hundreds of vehicles with a value of millions of dollars.
  • As part of an auto theft network, it is claimed that the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) of stolen vehicles were altered, enabling their private resale.
  • We commonly see transient criminal activity moving from the west to the east of the country as one of the Prairie provinces.

In an auto theft investigation regarding hundreds of automobiles valued at millions of dollars, Saskatoon police were crucial.

The Saskatoon Police Service was one of the police forces that assisted in the nearly two-year investigation, led by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and known as Project MYRA.

OPP claims that even though the majority of the vehicles were stolen in Ontario, Saskatchewan had a significant role in the alleged plot.

According to authorities, an unknown criminal organization with offices in Toronto and the Durham region of Ontario fraudulently registered stolen cars in Saskatchewan before moving the registration to Ontario and selling the cars.

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The vehicle identifying numbers (VINs) of stolen automobiles were allegedly changed as part of an auto theft network, allowing for their private resale.

Among the 28 individuals charged with Project MYRA are two Saskatoon males.

The charges against Blue Pelletier, 44, and Christopher Montague-Mitchell, 31, total nine.

They are accused of using false documents, dealing with stolen goods, and participating in criminal activities.

SPS Detective Superintendent Patrick Nogier stated the service was “very proud” to be a part of Project MYRA during a joint virtual news conference on Thursday morning.

Saskatoon police help to break up an auto theft network involving hundreds of vehicles.
Saskatoon police help to break up an auto theft network involving hundreds of vehicles. Image from Global News

As one of the Prairie provinces, we frequently witness temporary criminal activity traveling from the west to the east of the nation. We are aware that we play an important role in aiding our allies in law enforcement in their efforts to battle organized crime, according to Nogier.

According to OPP, 214 automobiles totaling more than $12 million were recovered by police as a result of the investigation.

37% of the recovered cars are Honda and Acura, according to OPP. According to authorities, many of the seized vehicles were high-end.

During their investigation, the OPP reported that they also found six weapons, 230 kilos of suspected fentanyl, 1,840 grammes of suspected cocaine, and 77 kilograms of cannabis. They reportedly found $160,000 in cash and $8,400 in US currency.

Source: CTV News

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