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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Saskatoon hosts a celebration of Filipino culture

Saskatoon celebrates Filipino culture

Key Takeaways:

  • This weekend, the Saskatchewan Filipino Music & Food Street Festival will take place in Saskatoon.
  • A member of parliament named Salma Zahid stated, “It was essential that we celebrate the culture and rich tradition of the Filipino population in Canada.

Saskatoon will host the Saskatchewan Filipino Music & Food Street Festival this weekend.

The event began on Friday at Kiwanis Memorial Park and lasted from 11 am until 9 pm. Large crowds have been present.

“We don’t like to fail that culture and tradition,” said Chris Rodriguez, CEO of GKM Events Management. “With all the variety we have here in Saskatoon, which has been expanding for many years, the Philippines (community) has been growing tremendously for the past several years.”

Food plays a significant role in that culture and tradition.

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Roasted pork, spring rolls, and stir-fried noodles are a few available meals.

According to Rodriguez, the cuisine is a hit.

Despite the dismal and rainy weather, the first day went pretty well. We were taken aback. According to Rodriguez, many of our vendors were pleased, and some had sold out on the first day.

Salma Zahid, a devout Filipino who lives in Toronto, traveled to Saskatoon for the celebration.

Saskatoon celebrates Filipino culture
Saskatoon celebrates Filipino culture. Image from CKOM

She requested in a letter to the federal government in 2018 that it designate June as Filipino Heritage Month.

Salma Zahid, a member of parliament, said, “It was vital that we commemorate the culture, the rich tradition of the Filipino population in Canada. I was proud when it passed unanimously in the house of commons on October 30th, 2018.”

She declares that she is pleased with how the movement she helped create has brought everyone together.

According to Zahid, it was wonderful to celebrate Filipino food, music, and culture near the river.

The festival continues through Sunday at 9:30 pm.

Source: Global News

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