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Thursday, February 29, 2024

In Saskatchewan, February is already one of the worst months of the epidemic

In Saskatchewan, February is already one of the worst months of the epidemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although the COVID-19 epidemic in Saskatchewan hasn’t concluded yet, February has already been one of the worst months.
  • “Despite what the administration of this province and others may want to imply, COVID is very much here,” Tracy Zambory said.

February has already been one of the worst months of the COVID-19 outbreak in Saskatchewan, although it isn’t ended yet.

According to the government’s latest weekly report on COVID-19 statistics, issued Thursday, the province recorded 99 COVID-19-related deaths in the first 19 days of the month, 37 of which occurred during the week of February 13 to 19.

Most of the recent fatalities were among individuals aged 80 or older; however, one was among those aged 20 to 39.

Except for hospitalizations, almost all of the data supplied by the government is from the previous week. As of Wednesday lunchtime, the province has 372 hospitalizations.

As of Wednesday, there were 27 individuals in intensive care with COVID-19, down six from the previous report.

While the provincial administration has stated that people must “learn to live with COVID-19,” the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses president claims that the new figures show “we are nowhere close out of this pandemic.”

COVID is very much here, despite what the government of this province and others may attempt to infer,” Tracy Zambory remarked.

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Disruptions in service

According to the Saskatchewan Health Authority, staff absence of vacancies has caused multiple brief delays in healthcare services in rural Saskatchewan.

Anesthesia treatments at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre will be unavailable until March 1. Emergency operations and C-sections will not be feasible until then, although surgical and obstetrical consultations will be accessible, according to the health authorities.

According to the SHA website, there may be repeated anesthetic service interruptions at the health center.

Emergency services at the Leader as well as District Healthcare Facility will be unavailable until March 2.

In addition, starting Friday and lasting through March, lab and X-Ray services in Kamsack will be unavailable.

In Saskatchewan, February is already one of the worst months of the epidemic.
In Saskatchewan, February is already one of the worst months of the epidemic. Image from The Star

Surgeries were harmed.

Several procedures have been impacted because of the fifth wave of COVID-19 patients and staff absenteeism.

The health authority was unable to provide several procedures that have been delayed or postponed to CBC but says delays have occurred for various reasons, such as surgeries being rescheduled after a patient tested positive for COVID and employees being redeployed to meet increased demand.

Steve Turnquist of Regina is one of the patients awaiting surgery. He has no idea when his next operation will be, which has taken its toll on him.

After more than a year of waiting, he received a left hip replacement in December. He’d been waiting for a replacement for the wrong one for months.

Turnquist said Radio-Canada, “[It] has been debilitating for longer because it was overworking since my left one was so ruined.”

“I’m depressed, and I’m working with several experts to keep alive.”

Source: CBC

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