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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

How the municipal council of Saskatoon will choose a location for a downtown arena

How the city council of Saskatoon will choose a downtown arena site

Key Takeaways:

  • Saskatoon City Council has approved the criteria for selecting a downtown arena and convention center location.
  • According to a report from the administration council, the city hired two outside advisory firms to help with design and technical issues.
  • According to the report, each arena location will be assessed to see if it is large enough to house a modern 15,000-seat bowl size arena.

The criteria for selecting a site for a downtown arena and convention complex have been adopted by Saskatoon City Council.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Mayor Charlie Clark remarked, “This will be a significant topic.”

“I think having a transparent process to lay that out and figure out the best way to operate with the community, offered the timelines we have and also the summer, it’s going to be very critical that we’re as clear as we could with public and creative in how we interact with them and make sure that people understand the path we’re going and therefore can weigh in what they assume is going to be necessary to make this as effective as possible,” says the mayor.

According to an administration report to the council, the city hired two outside advisory firms to get insight into design and technical problems.

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The administration then came up with a set of criteria to rank the various site options:

  • Land area available for a new arena and related infrastructure.
  • The transportation network’s ability to accommodate an arena complex.
  • Opportunity to influence nearby development/infill and align with city plans and the downtown’s long-term vision.
  • The distance between TCU Place and a renovated convention center or a proposed new convention center.
  • Location with relation to existing hotels, entertainment venues, and enterprises.
  • Effects on residential areas as well as properties are possible.
  • Future Bus Rapid Transit stations are close by.
  • Existing parking facilities are close by.
  • Site maintenance and development expenditures are estimated.

According to the report, each arena site’s possibility will be evaluated to see if it is large enough to accommodate a modern 15,000-seat bowl capacity arena. Those who were considered to be too small would be removed from consideration. The remaining locations would be ranked based on the assessment criteria.

How the city council of Saskatoon will choose a downtown arena site
How the city council of Saskatoon will choose a downtown arena site. Image from CBC News

The findings of this study will be included in the public material offered as part of the engagement process, which will begin in July.

“The creation of an energetic event and entertainment area, centered by a new arena and convention center and linked to the rest of the city by a future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, will invigorate the economy and breathe new life into Saskatoon’s downtown,” according to the research.

“As a result, the location of the future downtown arena should take into account a variety of factors that will have a real impact, not only on the physical location of a new arena but also on the animation of an event and entertainment district, as well as being a shared public space in which residents feel welcome and also have a sense of belonging.”

According to the study, when the council makes its final placement selection, the information presented will contain technical evaluation and the feedback gathered through public involvement.

Regardless of the council’s site choice, new parking facilities must be created.

Source: CTV News

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