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Corgi dog races raised $3,000 for the Saskatoon SPCA

Corgi dog races in Saskatoon raised $3,000 for the SPCA.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Martensville Curling Club was filled with roughly 35 corgis vying for a treat on Saturday.
  • There were Pembroke Welsh corgis, cardigan corgis, cowboy corgis, and a lab-corgi mix among the corgis in the tournament.

The Martensville Curling Club was packed with nearly 35 corgis competing for a treat on Saturday.

“We simply adore Corgis; we think they’re a distinctive breed. They’re getting more & more trendy these days,” said Kate Kading, media liaison for the Sask Corgi Racers Group, of the canine breed receiving more attention than ever during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

This, according to Kading, was a way to raise funds for the Saskatoon SPCA.

She didn’t expect almost 600 people to show up, though.

“I was anticipating a crowd of 50-100 individuals.” “The number of individuals who came out today to support this was astounding,” Kading remarked.

She estimates that they raised roughly $3,000 total.

There were a variety of corgis in the competition, including Pembroke Welsh corgis, cardigan corgis, cowboy corgis, and a lab-corgi mix.

When asked how Stevie felt the event’s winner felt, he said.

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“*Lick*,” Stevie exclaimed.

Stevie’s owner had high expectations and was pleased with the outcome.

“Stevie demolished the competition at her first Saskatchewan dog race, and it was exhilarating,” said Kade, Stevie’s owner. “The tight training regimen we put her on paid off this year, it was a difficult camp, but certainly, she made it worth it.”

Hamilton, another rival, made his impact.

Second Place Hamilton exclaimed, “*Lick*.”

“I’ve wanted Corgi get-togethers in Saskatoon or the vicinity for a long time,” Megan, Hamilton’s owner, said. “I’ve had these dogs for 4-5 years, and you always see the meets in other locations, so the videos are fantastic, and the people are always really nice.”

Perhaps one of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis will be Grand Marshall next year.

Source: Global News

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