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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Be cautious near the river, advises the Saskatoon Fire Department

Saskatoon Fire Department advises being careful near the river.

Key Takeaways:

  • The SFD advises the public to take caution along the South Saskatchewan River after helping three people in two incidents over the weekend.

After assisting three persons in two distinct instances over the weekend, the Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD) is warning the public to exercise caution along the South Saskatchewan River.

“When on the river, we advise people to utilize their common sense and play to their abilities. According to Deputy Chief Rob Hogan, the river is dangerous, but this is true regardless of a person’s skill level or expertise in the water.

According to a news release on Sunday, SFD got information from a caller south of Poplar Bluffs that they had been on a floating “party island” between three sand bars and lost a member. The incident’s date was not mentioned in the publication.

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SFD members in the sea discovered someone up to their neck, and they safely transported them to land.

Two missing people were discovered trapped on a sand bar at Poplar Bluffs, according to a different release from SFD, and the RCMP called in to help to rescue them. They were also brought back to shore safely, according to SFD.

Saskatoon Fire Department advises being careful near the river.
Saskatoon Fire Department advises being careful near the river. Image from CJWW

Many people use kayaks, canoes, and other boats on the river, and we encourage them to do so. Naturally, we ask them to abide by the same guidelines that apply to everyone on the sea wearing a life jacket, added Hogan.

It is against the rule to swim in the river.

29 water emergency calls have been made to the fire department so far this year.

Source: CTV News

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