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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

A terrace for its clients may soon be added to Saskatoon’s temporary shelter downtown

There may soon be a terrace for the clients of Saskatoon's temporary shelter downtown.

Key Takeaways:

  • A designated outdoor area will be provided at the STC Wellness Center through negotiations between the Saskatoon Tribal Council and the City of Saskatoon’s Safety/Maintenance Committee.
  • The safety committee has addressed the concept with the City of Vancouver, where such places have already been set up.
  • The city administration will proceed as directed, the report claims, should the city council determine that the area should be developed.

The Saskatoon Tribal Council and also the City of Saskatoon’s Safety/Maintenance Committee are negotiating to provide a designated outdoor area at the STC Wellness Centre.

In a report to the City Council meeting on Monday, Saskatoon Fire Department Chief Morgan Hackl, as well as director of community standards Matt Grazier, stated that the area “would improve on such both the well-being of the family members and the public realm across the exterior of Wellness Centre as an implies to lessen the impact of loitering and nuisance activities.”

“As the needs of the Wellness Centre and its residents changed, the Wellness Centre’s transitory site and operation met a pressing need in the neighborhood. In addition to giving facility users immediate advantages, adding a temporary public outdoor space would allow the STC to assess and develop how it could use outside space in a more permanent location, “states the paper.

Three probable locations are included in the report: the Midtown Plaza parking lot to the west of the wellness center, an undisclosed off-site location, and the First Avenue parking spaces in front of the center.

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The report states that further discussions with STC are necessary before moving further with the First Avenue alternative.

According to the newspaper, the safety committee has discussed the proposal with the City of Vancouver, where such areas have already been established.

Operators are in charge of maintaining the area’s management, operation, and cleanliness as well as making sure that users, bystanders, and foot traffic all have a good time there.

Saskatoon's downtown temporary shelter could soon have a patio for its  clients
There may soon be a terrace for the clients of Saskatoon’s temporary shelter downtown. Image from iHeartRadio

According to the assessment, parking spaces would be lost due to the temporary patio’s installation, and enforcement issues might persist.

A proper level of supervision and security would need to be provided by the city and the STC, along with restrictions on who might use the area and when.

According to the report, which uses the Wellness Centre’s name for its patrons, “there must be a balance among the needs and hazards to the downtown with the needs as well as risks of the Wellness Centre and also the relatives that dwell there.”

According to the report, should the city council decide that the space should be developed, the city administration will continue as instructed.

Source: CTV News

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