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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A rally in Saskatoon condemns Russian ‘atrocities’ in Ukraine

Russian 'atrocities' in Ukraine are condemned at a rally in Saskatoon

Key Takeaways:

  • Organizers of a vigil and march in front of Saskatoon City Hall are doing everything they can to help and keep the focus on Ukraine.
  • Residents have been without food, water, and electricity since the Russian military besieged Mariupol and obstructed evacuation efforts.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine joins its 7th week, organizers of a vigil and rally outside Saskatoon City Hall are doing everything they can to assist and keep the attention on Ukraine.

Kevin Kardynal of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress remarked, “Well, it’s evident that this isn’t a regular war.” “It is obvious that Putin and the Russian army are going after civilians. They’re not going after Ukrainian military personnel.”

Previous rallies outside City Hall called for a no-fly zone, humanitarian relief, and the evacuation of refugees.

The tone of the vigil on Sunday was different.

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“I mean, the heinous acts just keep happening to us.” And I don’t think you have to be from a particular ethnic community to recognize that this isn’t right,” Andrew Allsopp, vice president of the non-profit Nashi, said at the event.

Ukraine has accused Russia of killing people in Bucha and other towns outside the capital. Hundreds of dead were discovered after Russian soldiers retreated, many with their hands bound and evidence of torture. Russia has refuted the accusations, claiming erroneously that the events in Bucha were fabricated.

Russian 'atrocities' in Ukraine are condemned at a rally in Saskatoon
Russian ‘atrocities’ in Ukraine are condemned at a rally in Saskatoon. Image from Global News

Since Russian forces surrounded Mariupol and thwarted evacuation operations, residents have been without food, water, as well as electricity. Ukrainian authorities believe hundreds of civilians were killed in an airstrike on a theatre used as a bomb shelter, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that he expects further proof of atrocities to be discovered once Mariupol is no longer blockaded.

“You will never destroy the people of Ukraine,” Allsopp warned.

“They may grab property and desire to keep their eastern provinces, but they will not win.” They are unable to do so.”

Source: CTV News

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